John Fawcett

John Fawcett

CEO & co-Founder, Quantopian

John Fawcett is the CEO and co-founder of Quantopian, an investment management firm that provides an online platform to crowd-source investment algorithms and apply the best of those strategies to manage investors’ money.

Fawce has spent the last 15 years creating new businesses and product categories within FinTech. In 2002, he co-founded the first research management company, Tamale, where he was CTO. Fawce is also a founding board member of the FinTech Sandbox, a non-profit dedicated to connecting startups with the data they need.

Fawce grew up in Lowell, Mass. He was awarded academic scholarships to attend Andover and Harvard.

The motivation for creating Quantopian began with Fawce's gratitude for the financial planning that provided for his education.

Since its founding in 2011, Quantopian’s platform has attracted more than 130,000 members from 180 countries working to create institutional-quality investment algorithms and nearly $50 million in equity investments from leading venture capital firms.

Fawce and his wife, Caitie, are raising three boys who want to be a doctor, dad, cartoonist, Bruin, archaeologist, marine biologist, and teacher.