Eric Yu

Eric Yu


Eric YU joined China Translation Corporation (CTC) in 2005. He served as Head of Conference Interpreting Department, CMO,Assistant President and Vice President successively. In 2012, he was appointed as the CEO of GTCOM.

In his duty, he led the language services team serving the Beijing Olympics 2008, Shanghai Expo 2010, Asian Games Guangzhou 2010, Youth Olympics Nanjing 2014 and Shanghai Disneyland etc. international Events. He is the founder of "YeeCloud", the largest language service platform in China (www.yeecloud.com). And in 2015, he led the team to found “Yeesight”, (www.yeesight.com) the world leading cross language big data analytical platform. GTCOM played the leading role globally in machine translation, big data analysis and AI areas, in which he has deep insight and thoughts.

China Translation Corporation was established in 1973, known as “UN Document Translation Team”, is the first and largest language service company in China, successively under the administration of General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and China Publishing Group.


Established in 2013, Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTCOM) is the world's leading company in big data and artificial intelligence. With "Language connects the World , Data inspires the Future" as the objective, GTCOM has developed machine translation, speech recognition, image recognition, semantic search, knowledge graph, as well as big data analysis and visualization, and has, on this basis, built the state-of-the-art "YeeCloud" language ecosystem and "YeeSight" big data ecosystem.

GTCOM has launched a Multi-Lingual Machine Translation Platform, Global Big Data Analysis Platform and other products, providing tailor-made big data solutions such as Insider (Standard), JoveBird (Financial), and Public Safety etc. for governments, news media, financial investors and other industrial users around the world.

In alliance with the world’s foremost universities, research institutes and scientists, GTCOM founded the "2020 Cognitive Intelligence Research Institute in 2016. Focusing on such strategically important fields as cognitive science and AI, the 2020 Institute is committed to R&D and fostering innovations in cutting-edge technologies including machine learning, deep neural network, natural language processing, machine vision, speech recognition, AI chip, data mining and distributed computing.