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Christina Qi (tbc)

Christina Qi (tbc)

Founder & CEO, Domeyard LP
Since the Forbes article made the front page, I have received hundreds of messages each day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your patience as I sort through every message and request. 

I work at one of the few hedge funds with a 100% focus on ultra low-latency / black box / high frequency trading. We're a high Sharpe, low capacity fund. As one of the world's fastest HFT firms, we utilize all areas of computer science and mathematics, from creating our own software to assembling our co-located hardware. With zero legacy systems, and with proper planning and documentation, we are able to adapt quickly, live at the cutting edge of technology, and stay two steps ahead of issues that may arise.

For the past 5 years, I have enjoyed contributing objective, first-person observations about the HFT industry to the rest of the world. Usually, after a talk, I'll find a spot outside and spend the rest of the conference answering everyone's questions about various topics, from recent HFT headlines to the rise of modern startup hedge funds. 

We are humbled to receive so many messages each day. To ensure your message is seen, I've pasted best contact methods below. 

To reach us: 
  • Join the Domeyard family: www.domeyard.com/careers 
  • Investor inquiries only: info@domeyard.com 
  • Service provider inquiries: Send a Linkedin message. We do not take unsolicited calls.
  • Recruiting agencies: We receive your inquiries on a daily basis. Thanks for all the interest! To work with us, send your term sheet to careers@domeyard.com with the following non-negotiable terms: 10% placement fee, refundable within 90 days. HFT experience required. No "quant", "data scientist", or "finance" candidates. All job details are online.