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London March 2017 Conference

What is your AI, machine learning, big data strategy?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms offer us a revolution in the way value can be derived from the vast amounts of data we produce every moment. As more of the financial world embraces AI and machine learning, questions arise about how best to implement this technology, and more broadly the impact it will have on existing market structure.  

Newsweek’s "Artificial Intelligence and Data Science - Capital Markets" conference will be a forum to explore some of these questions, drawing on insights from data science practitioners at banks and hedge funds, as well as academics and regulators.

This two day conference brings together the most influential players in this global market to learn, debate, network and do business.  

Being present will enable you to make strategic decisions on how your business should engage with this technology, with whom to partner and ultimately, how to ensure that your business creates a meaningful, long-term competitive advantage.

The content for this event has been curated by an extremely experienced and influential Advisory Board, who have given their time in order to create a world class event.

Delegate audience profile

Data Scientists
Quantitative Analysts
Portfolio Managers
Research Analysts
Risk Managers
R&D Scientists
Algorithmic Traders



Hedge funds 
Asset Managers
Investments banks 
AI/ML start-ups 
Financial services consultants